Warehouse management system


It is a system that allows inventory management in warehouses. EXSO WAREHOUSE enables easy and comprehensive handling of warehouse resources.

How does EXSO WAREHOUSE work?

The system allows continuous monitoring of processes and automation of operations. With its help you can create warehouse documentation and define specific warehouse transfers.

This tool allows you to mechanize the order of movements with the possibility of unit deviations.

What are the advantages of EXSO WAREHOUSE?
  • allows for ongoing monitoring of many warehouses at the same time
  • enables recording and searching of movements: warehouse receipt, warehouse issue, inter-warehouse receipt, inter-warehouse edition, opening balances, closing balances
  • allows you to create inventory periods
  • allows you to use your smartphone as a barcode reader
What will you gain by buying EXSO WAREHOUSE?
  • you will reduce storage costs
  • you will be able to fully monitor movements and resources in warehouses
  • you will increase the capacity of your warehouse
  • you generate statements and reports covering movement and rotation balances
  • you will be able to create unit deviations
  • you will increase the speed of work while reducing errors
  • you will automate operations
What does EXSO WAREHOUSE include?


  • complete system with technical support (telephone / email in 5h)
  • installation on EXSO server or client server
    service care
  • the program consists of modules: the base EXSO-CORE and modules:
    – EXSO-BPO,
    – EXSO-COM,
    – EXSO-WMS.
Will EXSO WAREHOUSE work in my company?

Of course!

If you want to reduce losses associated with shortages or surpluses, as well as with past due goods, EXSO-WAREHOUSE is necessary for your company.

Thanks to the system, you will organize and have operations in all warehouses listed in one place.

You will run a modern warehouse that will be automated. It is possible to use the application on a mobile terminal (collector) – barcode reader.

Thanks to EXSO-] WAREHOUSE you will also have reports and statements: balance of movements and rotations.

Application on terminals (collectors)


EXSO WAREHOUSE also offers a collector application that allows:

  • bar code scanning and recording of all warehouse transfers,
    stacking on shelves
    and locating goods
  • work of a warehouseman without approaching the computer station,
  • speed and intuitiveness of work in real time – immediate confirmation of movements.


We are an authorized partner and distributor of Zebra devices.


Our applications are compatible with Zebra collectors.


We will advise you which product will work best in your ware


System do zarządzania magazynem

System EXSO-WAREHOUSE to system pozwalający na zarządzanie zapasami w magazynach. EXSO-WAREHOUSE umożliwia łatwą i kompleksową obsługę zasobów magazynowych.

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