Canteen management system


It is a system for more efficient meals serving in a school or company canteen, as well as in a catering company, by using proximity cards or identifiers.

How does EXSO-CANTEEN work?

All programs created by us are based on EXSO-CORE.

EXSO-CANTEEN allows you to identify whether a customer or student has a paid subscription and can receive a meal.

The system uses a calendar to plan the quantity of meals.

Customers or students who want to pick up a meal use RFID cards.

Standing in a queue, they place the card to the reader and the employee receives information on the screen whether the customer can receive a lunch.

What are adventages of EXSO-CANTEEN?
  • simplifies the scheduling of the number of dishes
  • enables the verification of the number of meals served
  • allows you to generate reports
What do you gain, buying EXSO-CANTEEN?
  • speed up the meal serving process: shorten meal waiting times and increase throughput
  • automate your canteen or catering work
  • monitor the operation of your kitchen – exact verification
What EXSO-CANTEEN is consisted of?
  • complete system with technical support (telephone/mail 3h)
  • equipment in the form of a tablet connected to a reader
  • controller (minicomputer with installed system)
  • RFID cards (or wristbands/bands)
  • after-sales service
  • the program consists of the following modules: basic EXSO-CORE and  additional EXSO-PASS
Will EXSO-CANTEEN work in my company?

Definitely if you want to improve the efficiency of your canteen or catering.

Automating the process of serving food accelerates the work of the canteen.

The program is ideal for the school canteen(case study), company canteen and catering.

Ile kosztuje EXSO-CANTEEN?

Checkpoint with display
+ RFID card reader
2 000 PLN
RFID card 1,99 PLN/szt
Server license 2 000 PLN
Licence for 1 card/person 10 PLN/unit
License for 1 Administrator 300 PLN/prsn.

Wszystkie powyższe kwoty to ceny netto.

EXSO-CANTEEN in packages
pakiet exso
Package for 50 people
now for 4 599,50 zł
pakiet exso
Package for 100 people
now for5 498 zł
If you need help composing your own package, write or call us!