A tool for managing sales and purchase documents and settlements


It is a system for managing financial documents for companies that do not have internal accounting.

In a simple and fast way inside your company it will become easy to control invoices and cost documents.

How does EXSO INVOICE work?

All programs created by us are based on EXSO-CORE.

The EXSO-FINANCE program allows you to issue invoices, view the financial status and plan payments to contractors.


What are adventages of EXSO INVOICE?
  • sort out financial documents (e.g. sales invoices, receipts, cost documents) by gathering them in one place
  • enables the generation of invoices
  • allows you to plan your financial flows
  • allows for the recording of employee advances
What do you gain, buying EXSO INVOICE?
  • control over the balance of settlements (receivables and liabilities) with counterparties
  • possibility to plan all payments
  • unlimited expansion possibilities, e.g. EXSO-PRODUCTION
What EXSO INVOICE is consisted of?
  • complete system with technical support (telephone/mail in the amount of 5h)
  • after-sales service
  • installation on the EXSO server or on the client’s server
  • the program consists of the following modules: basic EXSO-CORE and additional:
    – EXSO-FIN,
    – EXSO-COM.


Will EXSO INVOICE work in my company?


If you want to have current control over the state of finances of the company, it’s all right.

With the help of EXSO-FINANCE you will have constant access to financial documents, you will generate invoices yourself.

Moreover, you will be able to check the status of settlements at any time, i.e. receivables and liabilities towards contractors.

You will also plan your payments, so that none of them will be omitted.


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Why is it worth it?
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control over costs and revenues
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