Time recording system


EXSO WORKTIME is a system used to record working time.

EXSO-RCP enables counting working hours, taking into account the company’s work calendar, days off, as well as holidays and layoffs.

How does EXSO WORKTIME work?

All programs created by us are based on the EXSO-CORE.

The system allows the administrator remotely, through a browser application, to view the work cards of individual employees, which makes it easier for the staff to control the number of hours worked.

You will no longer have to browse through paper attendance lists, where everyone can enter what they want. EXSO WORKTIME will verify the actual working hours.

Each employee can log into the system and fill in their work cards if they plan to leave, return from sick leave, are on a business trip or have meetings outside the office.

What are the advantages of EXSO WORKTIME?
  • enables the administrator (manager/chairman) to access information on who is in the company at any time using the browser application
  • precisely and automatically calculates working hours (including shift mode, weekend mode, overtime)
  • allows manual edition of working hours in the work card by each employee
  • possibility of generating reports – work cards
What will you gain by buying EXSO WORKTIME?
  • control over the real-time working hours of youremployees
  • discipline and efficiency
  • registration of in and out
What is part of the EXSO WORKTIME?
  • server software – application supported by a browser
  • after-sales service
  • access point controller
  • RFID card readers
  • RFID cards
  • electromagnetic locks
  • the program consists of the following modules: basic EXSO-CORE and EXSO-PASS.
Access point controller
Access point - RFID reader
RFID card reader

The reader will not be mechanically damaged because it does not have any components that could be damaged, such as the keyboard.

In addition, it is completely hermetic, which allows it to work in difficult conditions.

Will EXSO WORKTIME work in my company?

Definately, if you want to increase control over the real working time of your employees.

EXSO WORKTIME will check for you, at what hours the employee was at work and whether he or she worked the appropriate number of hours.

The program records all inputs and outputs, easily calculates the number of overtime hours and checks whether employees were on the company premises at the right time.


Why is it worth it?
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