Shipment management system

What is the EXSO SHIPMENT software?

To meet the needs of modern companies, focusing on the efficiency of activities related to delivering products to customers, we have created a system that supports all types of shipments.

The EXSO SHIPMENT program is used to organize the process of sending, receiving and tracking of sent and received goods.

Thanks to its integration with courier companies programs, it is possible to generate labels, order couriers, track parcels and confirm their delivery.

How does EXSO SHIPMENT work?

The system supports the sending of various types of parcels and letters. Thanks to it, you will avoid generating many waybills, which in the case of cooperation with several courier companies, are in different systems.

What are the advantages of the EXSO SHIPMENT software?
  • eliminates errors during loading, delivery and collection
  • enables full tracking and identification of shipments
  • has a shipping base (data and addresses of customers / sales points / branches)
  • shows current information about delays
  • is easy to use
  • it can be used with a computer and a portable data collector with a barcode reader
What will you gain by implementing EXSO SHIPMENT?
  • registering shipments in the system – one place organizing the process
  • labeling and scanning of shipments (internal labels and courier labels)
  • tracking all packages
    verification of package contents
What is included in the EXSO SHIPMENT software?
  • complete system with technical support
  • installation on a server offered by EXSO or on your server
  • service care
  • integration with couriers


There is no courier you work with here? No problem! We will also integrate with other courier companies.

Will the EXSO SHIPMENT program work in your company?

If the goods you manufacture or trade are often shipped between your company’s departments or to sales points, wholesalers and customers, the EXSO SHIPMENT program will be 100% effective in your company.

Thanks to the EXSO SHIPMENT program, you will reduce the risk of parcels and letters disappearing, you will speed up the delivery process and increase the flow of goods, you will print reports and parcel sets, and you will use the services of all courier companies in one place.


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Why is it worth it?
pakiet exso
tracking and monitoring
pakiet exso
all couriers in one
pakiet exso
incoming shipment reports
and outgoing
pakiet exso
customer and branch database
in one place