Project management system


It is a tool for efficient management of projects, even many at the same time.

The system allows you to create project teams, schedules, budgets, documentation, i.e. all the necessary elements of a project’s success, i.e. customer satisfaction.

How does EXSO-PROJECT work?

The EXSO-PROJECT program allows you to manage tasks that are part of the whole project, due to the multi-level structure: project-sub-project-tasks-tasks-subjects.

Following the settlement and reporting of the working time of teams, each of the employees effectively works on their tasks.

What are adventages of EXSO-PROJECT?
  • Transparency of many threads
  • efficiency of tasks
  • the efficiency of the implemented projects
  • control of results
What do you gain, buying EXSO-PROJECT?
  • control of tasks
  • increased effectiveness of cooperation between project groups
  • possibility of creating schedules according to which you will complete tasks
  • unlimited expansion possibilities, e.g.. o EXSO-CRMEXSO-CONFIGURATOR
What EXSO-PROJECT is consisted of?
  • complete system with technical support (telephone/mail in the amount of 5h)
  • after-sales service
  • the program consists of the following modules: basic EXSO-CORE and additional EXSO-BPO, EXSO-COM, EXSO-PRJ.


Will EXSO-PROJECT work for my company?

If your company works in a project-based manner, then EXSO-PROJECT will surely prove itself in your company, and even is necessary to function in an organized way.

The system allows you to manage multiple projects and the network system allows teams to work together on tasks.

You will meet deadlines thanks to the presentation of tasks in the form of a list, a tree and a calendar.

When creating project documentation, you can add many attachments, as well as create schedules, e.g. for the shipment of goods.

Ile kosztuje EXSO-PROJECT?

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11-20 35 350 699
21 i więcej 29 290 599

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