Production management system


The EXSO-PRODUCTION is a system for managing a production company. By using more efficiently the work of people, machines and other resources, you will produce more goods of higher quality faster.

How does the EXSO-PRODUCTION work?

All programs that we create are based on the EXSO-CORE base system.

The EXSO-PRODUCTION system increases the speed of routine operations through their automation.

It enables control and control of multi-stage production by managing production orders.

What are the advantages of  the
  • it effectively uses the company’s resources
  • it allows you to control multi-stage production
    collects information from many sources in one place
  • it allows you to make quick and accurate decisions
What will you get by buying the
  • you will increase the efficiency of your production
  • you will reduce the amount of losses related to customer complaints
  • unlimited extension, e.g about EXSO-PLANNING
What is included in the EXSO-PRODUCTION?
  • complete system with technical support (by telephone / email 5 hours)


  • installation on an EXSO server or on a client server


  • service care


  • the program consists of the EXSO-CORE basic modules and modules:
    – EXSO-BPO,
    – EXSO-COM,
    – EXSO-SPL,
    – EXSO-PRD.
Will the EXSO-PRODUCTION work in my company?


EXSO-PRODUCTION will work in your company 100% if you want to produce more goods in less time.



Produce higher quality products and change your business into an intelligent factory.


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Number of people Monthly subscription [EUR] Annual subscription [EUR] One-time license [EUR]
1-5 25 249 499
6-10 23 222 450
11-20 20 198 400
21 and more 18 173 350

The above net prices refer to one license for one active, defined user.
Monthly and annual subscriptions include hosting on EXSO servers.
A one-time license applies to a program installed on the client’s server.