Production planning and control system


It is a system that supports the planning of material resources, e.g. intended for production, through the analysis of data from various areas such as sales, logistics, production, service, etc.

How does EXSO-PLANNING work?

All programs created by us are based on EXSO-CORE.

Through the planning of processes in the company, it is possible to optimize the expenditures and finalise all processes on time.

The system uses calculations to calculate the production capacity based on the company calendar.

The program includes mechanisms for controlling the use of production capacity of resources.

What are adventages of EXSO-PLANNING?

  • plans, on the basis of calculations, production capacity
  • enables the use of the production capacity of resources to be controlled
  • verifies the state of production and the available capacities
  • it can be extended with other modules, for example

What do you gain, buying EXSO-PLANNING?

  • control over process planning
  • increase in production capacity
  • traceability
  • unlimited expansion possibilities, e.g. EXSO-PRODUCTION

What EXSO-PLANNING is consisted of?

  • complete system with technical support (telephone/mail in the amount of 5h)
  • after-sales service
  • the program consists of the following modules: basic EXSO-CORE and
    – EXSO-BPO,
    – EXSO-COM,
    – EXSO-SPL,
    – EXSO-PRD.




Will EXSO-PLANNING work for my company?

Definitely! If you want to make the most of your production capacity and resources.

You can easily evaluate the current state of your production and verify the available capacities.

You will be able to track the progress of your orders.




How much does EXSO-PLANNING cost?

cennik exso
Number of people Monthly subscription Annual subscription One – time license
1-5 99 990 1 999
6-10 89 890 1 799
11-20 79 790 1 599
21 and more 69 690 1 399

The above prices are net prices for one license per one active, defined user.
Monthly and annual subscriptions include hosting on EXSO servers.
The one-time license applies to the program installed on the client’s server.