Configuration program (product configurator) enabling the customer to adjust the product to his needs


EXSO-CONFIGURATOR (product configurator) is a system that allows you to browse the product catalog and adjust each of these products or services to your needs, by selecting components, features and functionality.

EXSO-CONFIGURATOR gives the possibility to save offers together with product photos, as well as to visualize the configuration effect, e.g. in the form of 3D or 2D models.


All programs created by us are based on EXSO-CORE.

EXSO-CONFIGURATOR allows you to define products that the customer modifies and adjusts himself to his needs. This means that a person configuring a product or service, i.e. adding its subsequent elements, changing its properties or appearance, immediately receives a valuation of a specific product.

In addition, the program observes the rules and relationships between components, so that the created product is consistent with the rules and possibilities of its production.

What are adeventages of EXSO-CONFIGURATOR?
  • leads to an increase in sales
  • automates the sales process
  • reduces costs through an attractive sales channel
  • gives the possibility to update the offer
Co zyskasz, kupuj膮c EXSO-CONFIGURATOR?
  • full adaptation of products or services to the needs of customers
  • the customer’s autonomy in the purchasing process
  • possibility of extension with other modules, e.g. EXSO-CRM,聽EXSO-PROJECT
What EXSO-CONFIGURATOR is consisted of?


  • complete system with technical support (telephone/mail in the amount of 5h)
  • installation on the EXSO server or on the client’s server
  • after-sales service
  • the program consists of the following modules: basic EXSO-CORE and modules:
    – EXSO-BPO,
    – EXSO-COM,
    – EXSO-SAL.
Will EXSO-CONFIGURATOR work for my company?


EXSO-CONFIGURATOR will work well in your company in 100% if you sell products or services that are characterized by multiple variants.

If the customer has the possibility to choose different product or service options and you would like to increase his independence in the purchasing process, this program is created for your company.

You will reduce the amount of time spent on customer service, because a significant part of this process will be done by the customer himself.



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