Configuration program (product configurator) enabling the customer to adjust the product to his needs

How long does it take for you create offers?
  • Does creating offers in your company take more than 3 hours?
  • Is your customer waiting for an offer for more than 2 days?
  • Does it happen that the valuation is incorrectly calculated?
  • Would the customer prefer to see the 3D visualization of the product before buying it?
  • Are there errors caused by human factors in your offers?

If at least one of these questions is answered yes – EXSO CONFIGURATOR will be a solution.

What benefits will EXSO CONFIGURATOR bring you?
  • will speed up and automate the sales process
  • will shorten the time from getting a lead to making a decision by the customer
  • will reduce the costs associated with the time-consuming calculation and writing of offers
  • will allow you to present 2D and 3D visualizations of the designed product
  • will allow full adjustment of the products and services offered to the needs and requirements of your customers
  • the seller will focus on effective customer relations instead of writing offers
  • will create a documentation used for production
  • will be an attractive sales channel that leads to an increase in sales
  • will automate the sales process


EXSO CONFIGURATOR (product configurator) is a system that allows you to tailor your products that will meet expectations of your clients by modifying their appearance and functionality. These changes are visible in the visualizations that can be presented to the client.

When configuring the product, its price changes, then an offer is automatically generated along with photos or visualizations of the configuration effect, e.g. in the form of 3D or 2D models.



EXSO CONFIGURATOR allows you to define products that are tailored and modified to individual orders.

This means that when a seller changes parameters – by adding more elements, changing properties, functionality or appearance, he immediately receives a quote for the order, along with the specification used for production.

The program adheres to the rules and relationships between components so that the final product is consistent with the construction methodology.

Configuration program that allows the customer to customize the product to his needs

EXSO-CONFIGURATOR (product configurator) is a system that allows you to browse the product catalog and adjust each of these products or services to your needs, by selecting components, features and functionality. EXSO-CONFIGURATOR gives the possibility to save offers together with product photos, as well as to visualize the configuration effect, e.g. in the form of 3D or 2D models.

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Why is it worth it?
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speed up creating offers
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reducing customer service costs
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flexible offer management
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the ability to define discount systems