Production management system


The EXSO-PRODUCTION is a system for managing a production company. By using more efficiently the work of people, machines and other resources, you will produce more goods of higher quality faster.

How does the EXSO-PRODUCTION work?

All programs that we create are based on the EXSO-CORE base system.

The EXSO-PRODUCTION system increases the speed of routine operations through their automation.

It enables control and control of multi-stage production by managing production orders.

What are the advantages of  the
  • it effectively uses the company’s resources
  • it allows you to control multi-stage production
    collects information from many sources in one place
  • it allows you to make quick and accurate decisions
What will you get by buying the
  • you will increase the efficiency of your production
  • you will reduce the amount of losses related to customer complaints
  • unlimited extension, e.g about EXSO-PLANNING
What is included in the EXSO-PRODUCTION?
  • complete system with technical support (by telephone / email 5 hours)


  • installation on an EXSO server or on a client server


  • service care


  • the program consists of the EXSO-CORE basic modules and modules:
    – EXSO-BPO,
    – EXSO-COM,
    – EXSO-SPL,
    – EXSO-PRD.
Will the EXSO-PRODUCTION work in my company?


EXSO-PRODUCTION will work in your company 100% if you want to produce more goods in less time.



Produce higher quality products and change your business into an intelligent factory.

Production kiosks

Our offer also includes production kiosks, which, set up in the production hall, significantly improve and optimize work. The kiosk has a durable housing and high-quality equipment and is intended for continuous operation in production conditions.

The production kiosk allows employees to control production activities and confirm production orders, as well as work time registration.

We offer parameterization of workshop kiosk options for individual requirements and selection of equipment options:

  • the option of choosing a regular or touch screen
  • choice of keyboard with touchpad or mouse
  • option to add additional equipment: RFID reader, barcode reader (collector)
  • system selection option: Windows or Linux

Contact us to adjust the kiosk to your needs.


  • presentation of tasks to be performed (production orders) on the screen, set by priority
  • work time counting by the system for each employee who receives a production order
    insight into non-production tasks (e.g. cleaning the hall, unloading, machine maintenance) and records of unplanned activities
  • the ability to report problems and faults that block work, to trigger a quick response and to allow you to continue working

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Why is it worth it?
pakiet exso
creating optimal production schedules
pakiet exso
full control over production orders
pakiet exso
increasing production efficiency