Access control system

What is the EXSO-PASS?

The EXSO-PASS system is an access control system that is used to manage the movement of employees in the company. Its task is to limit access to zones and rooms on the premises. Only those who will receive permissions are allowed to use individual places. The EXSO-PASS was created based on a proprietary solution that has been improved over the years. In addition, the EXSO-PASS can be used as a resource control program, which means you can use it to protect materials, issue tools, keys, meals in the canteen, etc.

How does the EXSO-PASS work?

All programs we create are based on the EXSO-CORE base system.

The system allows the administrator, through a browser application, to grant or remove rights to designated individuals or groups of people to enter individual zones or rooms. Only authorized persons will be able to navigate the site using personal identifiers.

What are the advantages of  the EXSO-PASS?
  • it increases safety
  • it allows control from anywhere using a browser application
  • it can be used as an extension to a canteen control system
What will you get by buying the EXSO-PASS?
  • a browser application that allows remote change of permissions (give / receive) to people or groups of people and remote control
  • securing your company against the entry of unauthorized persons
  • protection of rooms with limited access before the entry of each employee
What is included in the EXSO-PASS?
  • server software
  • service care
  • access point controller
  • RFID card access control reader
  • electromagnetic locks
  • the program consists of the EXSO-CORE basic module and the EXSO-PASS module
Access point controller
Access point - RFID reader
The RFID card reader

The reader will not be damaged mechanically, because it does not have any elements that could be damaged, such as a keyboard. It is completely hermetic, which allows him to work in difficult conditions.

Will the EXSO-PASS work in my company?

Certainly, if you want to increase security and prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building. In your company is a lot of places that should be more carefully protected than others, it may be: a room with documents, a warehouse, server room or any other place where only designated persons can get. In order to increase control, you will be able to print reports with information about entries through particular access points.

Ile kosztuje EXSO-PASS?

Control point + electric strikes 200 EUR
RFID reader 100 EUR
RFID card 0,5 EUR/pcs.
Server license 400 EUR
License for 1 card/person 1 EUR/pcs.
License for 1 administrator 60 EUR/1 person

All the above prices are net prices.

The EXSO-PASS in packages:
pakiet exso
Package for 20 users
price from 790 EUR
pakiet exso
Package for 50 users
price from 835 EUR
pakiet exso
Informacja ┼Ťwietlna i d┼║wi─Ökowa przy identyfikacji
pakiet exso
Obni┼╝enie koszt├│w dzia┼éalno┼Ťci przedsi─Öbiorstwa, przez redukcje personelu ochrony fizycznej;
If you need help with composing your own package, write or call us!