The product configurator - how to make it easier for you and the customer to personalize services and goods?

The phenomenon of personalization has been present for years and is an inseparable element of the buyers’ willingness to customize products. Today, customers want to feel unique and be able to choose the appearance, dimensions, functionality or other unique product features. Due to the numerous needs of this type, more and more stores personalize offers for the customer or even allow the customer to use the interactive configurator.

In order to respond to customer needs related to customization, it is enough to implement modern technologies that will enable full personalization. It is clearly seen how companies are moving from paper catalogs to things personalized offers, often generated in configurators. These offers fully respond to the specific wishes of buyers.

Using the configurator, you can create a product from various elements (components) and you can do it both inside the company, when the seller configures the product according to the customer’s needs, as well as you can give the customer access to the configurator on the company’s website, where he creates his own personalized product. As a result, the customer receives a visualized and accurately priced product, the appearance of which he does not have to imagine and wonder if the elements used by him can certainly be combined.


What are the benefits for companies that have implemented the configurator?
  • accelerating the sales process by efficiently generating offers
  • shortening the customer’s decision-making process due to visualization of ordered products
  • automation of the sales process based on simplified product selection
  • elimination of errors thanks to the configurator logic, which allows you to configure only such a product that will be possible to produce
  • transparent presentation of the extensive offer, which consists of many products that can be combined in various variants


What are the benefits of the online configurator made available to customers for their use?
  • reducing the cost of the sales process due to the fact that the customer personalizes the product and does not require service from the seller
  • reduction of production costs, because the majority of activities related to preparation for production (measurement, selection of materials, selection of components and additional functions) is the responsibility of the customer)
  • enabling the sale of products that in a traditional way could not be offered in online stores (e.g. furniture, cars, but also occasional cakes, engraving and marking gadgets)

For customers, the most valuable value in the configurator is that they can visualize their product and thus better imagine its final form. In addition, the configurator gives him the opportunity to choose the optimal price variant, because by choosing the option, the customer can maneuver the price and immediately sees how much the variant created by him will cost, so he does not wait for an offer from the seller. In addition, it is convenient for the customer to configure the product from home or any other place, without visiting the store. He also has unlimited time to configure the right way, without having to translate the seller, what he wants.

Personalization is currently the most important trend. The product configurator responds well to this trend and allows you to create a fully personalized order, for which the customer will definitely appreciate your company, because it will feel distinguished and treated individually.

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