12 obszarów w Twojej firmie, które możesz usprawnić dzięki systemowi ERP

What is an ERP system?

ERP system is a software for companies that is used for enterprise resource planning. The main goal of the system is to integrate all the processes that take place in the company. Owing to the integration of business areas, it is possible to manage processes that permeate many departments in the company.

ERP system is an important factor in building a competitive advantage, both in manufacturing and commercial companies, as well as in service companies.

In which areas does the ERP system support the company’s work?

Key areas that are supported by an ERP system are:

– product management

– project and task management

– managing the data of contractors and customers

– CRM (customer relationship management – recording contact events, sales funnel)

– sales management

– management of the sales and service system

– managing the purchase of goods and services

– warehouse management

– Planning the material demand

– production management

– managing financial documents

– management and control of access (working time-tracking)


What can you gain with an ERP system?

All contacts with contractors and customers are saved in the ERP system, so the cooperation is organized. You can plan projects and assign tasks to individual employees for implementation. The system allows you to schedule and track the production process, as well as to plan purchases and shipments. With the help of the ERP system it is possible to forecast sales and optimize warehouse resources, and finally to prepare and hold financial documents in one place. The service module allows you to register and track the process of service requests and repairs performed under warranty.

The most important advantage of ERP systems integration with business processes is cost-effectiveness. You will save time and money, which until now was spent on prolonged decision making and repairing mistakes.